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Agony - Meaning of Dream

To witness somebody’s agony in a dream is a good sign. You will live long and happy life in abundance.

Agony is a symbol of success, as well as good health and simple human happiness. Usually when dreams are bad the interpretation and explanation is much more positive. A dream about an agony, especially your own, is just one of those examples where the interpretation includes intimate and private life.

However, you should consider the interpretation in detail depending on certain circumstances, which will be stored in your subconscious mind during a dream.

Agony of a friend or close people usually promises heritage, including parents’. If you dream that your best friend dies in terrible agony, it guarantees success in upcoming affairs. At such moments, they usually say "hit the jackpot". So you can relax and not worry about important transaction or dispute. You will not be pessimistic, only complete optimism will accompany you.

Another meaning is when you see agony of unknown person - in particular, you will receive a large amount of money, even more than you may need at the moment. But in any case, you should definitely thank a person who presented you such a precious gift.

Very often, people see a dream where they die in agony, if you are one of them – don’t be afraid or get depressed or panic. On the contrary, you need to pull yourself together and rejoice, because own death in agony means good health in real life. You will not face any illnesses in the coming years, you can easily do even the most daring deeds and master extreme sports.