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Agrarian - Meaning of Dream

To become an agrarian and inherit fertile lands in a dream means to face a serious decline in affairs in real life. You don’t try to change the situation, but this is the time.

In a dream you receive a chance to get a plot of land and become an agrarian, it is a hint that while you desire to be independent you might not be able to solve your problems alone.

If you see yourself as a lonely agrarian who needs some family warmth, it means that you are full of energy, your brain flushes with ideas and plans, time to fulfill it.

Image of earth in a dream is one of the reliable and good signs. If the land is plowed in your dream and it is rich and fertile, this dream foretells good luck in business, fast economic; conversely, if you see poor and rocky unplowed land, it portends small disorders and failure.

For a person building own career in real life, a dream about plowed land means that he/she will soon meet a serious and influential person and the outcome of this meeting will influence further work, which should lead to the desired result. Plowed land, in this case is a chance which is given once, and whether to use it or not the dreamer will solve independently.

If a dreamer plants something in plowed land – the dream says that in real life his/her actions will lead to success and prosperity.

It is important to pay attention to own emotions in a dream. If plowed land don’t not bring happiness, but only give a sense of fatigue and concerns - most likely in reality as they say "the game is not worth the candle". You need to think before getting involved in a new business.