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Air - Meaning of Dream

If you feel the freshness and purity of the air in a dream, it foretells that you will find real friends in upcoming future.

If you inhale air deeply, you can quite easily resolve any conflicts that arise with your rivals. If you feel the mountain fresh air, soon your work will be appreciated and your management will promote you. If you're just looking for a job, you will find one that will fit your needs. Cold air - symbolizes love feelings. It means your involvement in business and the complexity of relationships at home.

Fragrance of the flowers in the air carries pleasant news from relatives and friends.

But the wind or other vibrations in the air predicts the beginning of unexpected illness. Hot air that you feel on your face, warns you of imprudent actions that you can perform under pressure of other people.

A feeling of cold air in a dream bodes the upcoming family disagreements. A feeling of moist air portends lost optimism and faith in the future.

Miller explained breathing of hot air as a harbinger of an evil act. Breathing of cold air foretells family concerns and grievances that are difficult to unravel. Moist air predicts fatal events that will overwhelm a dreamer.

Vibrations of the air in Freud’s dream book are interpreted as problems either with your health, or in the relationship with your sexual partner. If the wind blows over the flat terrain, then it will be easy to settle your differences. But wind in the city tells you that you have too many sexual partners, and you get confused. Vibrations in the air or wind in the highlands predicts the occurrence of health problems.

Moist air - means that you will lose optimism and self-confidence.