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Aircraft - Meaning of Dream


Aircraft, is generally a favorable symbol. It can mean inner flight, high ideals, rise to new heights. It is also a symbol of the dreams and wishes fulfillment.

In general, symbolizes the flight of the soul and increase of creativity. However in order to interpret the dream fully you need to remember what action aircraft performed. Did you watch it, or were at the helm. Where you the passenger, and was an aircraft flying fast?

Aircraft, is a symbol of travel, which will be held in the near future. However, the great importance should be paid to how exactly you’ve seen an aircraft in the dreamed. Incident with an aircraft, it's a bad sign that predicts danger or failure of all hopes and plans.

If a person dreams of falling aircraft, but he/she is not inside it, the dream warns that he/she should be especially careful in the coming days, as danger is everywhere. For a girl who is going to get married, this sign predicts a failed celebration, meaning that the marriage will not be concluded.

For a businessman, to see an aircraft crash, it means that it is necessary to be prepared for troubles in real life related to finance and business sometimes it portends the loss of a state.

Not always falling aircraft, is negative, sometimes it becomes a warning. In such cases, the dream suggests paying attention to life orientations and objectives, otherwise many events will pass by and you will not enjoy it.

If you dreamed of an aircraft crash, in the near future you will be haunted by failures and minor problems that require large amounts of energy. At this time, perhaps you will rethink the values ​​and your life orientation will change.

If you see a trail from fallen aircraft in the sky, it is considered to be a symbol of risk and loss. Often it is not related to the business and work, but to personal life. Most likely you will not be able to avoid breaking up with someone you love, there can be no reconciliation.

If you dream of unexpected and rapid incident with aircraft, it means that you are too self-critical, but others consider you to be a confident and successful person.

If you see yourself at the helm of the incident aircraft, it is a symbol of disaster and catastrophe that will radically change your life. It is important to pay attention not only to your own actions and goals, but also to the family, relatives and friends, do not forget about colleagues.

If you dream of an airplane that can’t take off, it is necessary to postpone action and important things.

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