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Airliner - Meaning of Dream

Airliner in the dream generally is a favorable symbol. It can mean inner flight of your ideas and thoughts, high ideals, and rise to new heights. It is also a symbol of wishes and dreams fulfillment.

In general, airliner, symbolizes the flight of your soul, increase of creativity and development of plans. However, you need to interpret the dream about airliner considering all the details and context of the dream. It means whether you watched the flight by or were on board of airliner; you were at the wheel or as a passenger; at last where were you flying, and what was the speed of the airliner.

If you dream that you were at the wheel and were controlling the airliner, then the dream predicts career growth and success in business.

If you dream that you are on board of the airliner as a passenger, this dream characterizes you as a slave man, who follows the crowd and public stereotypes, being afraid to break social norms.

If you see an airliner that is not able to take off, it is necessary to postpone action and important things. This dream warns that things will not succeed, so do not waste your strength and energy in vain, after all you will be disappointed.

To dream of an airliner that crashed or fell down, it means that perhaps you experience anxiety about upcoming trip, which is inevitable in the near future. In this case it is not necessary that the upcoming trip has to be taken by plane. Subconsciously, you're scared of this trip and think about it often, provoking the appearance of such a dream.

Also, such dream about airliner may mean that your hopes and dreams will crumble.

The dream before the wedding, in which the girl is late on the plane, means that the wedding will be postponed for any reason, or canceled at all.

If you wait for a plane, it means that at this moment in real life you are not very active.

Appearing airliner on the horizon, symbolizes an event that will help to move things forward and develop your affairs.

Another meaning if you fly on the plane is your spiritual development. You are constantly developing your inner world and people like communicating with you. You are full of interesting thoughts and attitude towards life.

The dream where an airliner flies over you can be interpreted as a threat that will be hard to avoid.

For the bride, this dream can be a sign that the wedding will not take place. Mostly it will not depend on her; however, she will do something after what her partner will know her from a new different standpoint.

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