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Airport - Meaning of Dream


Airport is a symbol of fulfilled plans, hopes and aspirations. This is a good time/period in life, when you should use all opportunities and improve/develop yourself.

It can also mean receiving good or bad news, depending on other details of your dreams.

If you see a huge airport, it means that whatever grand plans you build in your life, they will surely come true. Still, you should always remember that nothing comes out of nowhere, and you will have to make some efforts, in order to get all of that.

Very small airport, says that in the near future there will be no changes in life, nothing new will happen, and you will get used to everyday routine.

If you see a ruined airport, is a bad sign, you might face troubles that are related to some trip of business travel. If it doesn’t influence your business greatly, it is better to postpone your trip. In such a way, you will be able to save your time, money and life.

If you meet someone in the airport in your dream, soon you will hear some news; you may receive letters or news from distant relatives or close friends.

To be an airport employee, means that you will be able to influence some events and prevent some big trouble, being in the right place at the right time.

If you expect the plane take of it means, that the fulfillment of your desires depends on you. If you analyze all your life, you will see that it is true. Hence, in order to have more, you need to work more, because it is useless to rely on someone, everything that you don’t achieve by own efforts can’t be considered to be yours. And you can’t claim to have it forever; at the most unexpected moment another person will take it back, as it was his/her contribution.

To see many people/ travelers in the airport in a dream, it portends great achievements in love. If you are experiencing excitement in such dream, it means that your success in love affairs will be simply astonishing.

If the airport is empty, you might give up/be disappointed with your loved one.

If you stand in the line or see it in front of the ticket counter at the airport, a dream promises you a long waiting for a letter respond. And even if you get this letter, it is unlikely to please you. So do not lay on it much hope.

If you see an airport, runway and aircraft from afar, it means that your credulity will play a nasty joke with you, and you can experience big troubles.

If you walk inside the airport, this dream foretells you a lot of new experiences. It will be both joy of love and professional success. You might even get a bonus/award or win the lottery.

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