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Alabaster - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you are covered with alabaster, it means that in real life you should be ready to confront private and intimate problems.

If you see yourself covering somebody with alabaster, this means that soon in real life your partner will consider cheating on you. And this will be your fault. Don’t blame him/her for doing that, it was done because recently you didn’t show any affection and love, you just followed own benefit and didn’t care about feelings of others. Now it is time for revenge. But if you want to preserve your relations you need to change the scheme of your behavior and show your care to the partner.

If you already solved your problems with the partner – such dream means that you will be successful in affairs. Not only in love, but also in business, it is time to reap fruits of your hard work. You deserve it, and you will be happy that your efforts were noticed by higher power.

To see alabaster or tools/items made of it means that you have enough power to solve your problems alone, and to reach your goal. Maybe you will win a lottery. This is a lucky dream, especially if you memorize such small details of it.

If you see yourself creating something with alabaster, this means that your efforts and work will be appreciated accordingly.

If you buy alabaster or tools/items made of it – be sure your success depends on you. Nobody else can do as much as you can in the fight for better life. You just need to use your potential fully and never give up. Only in such a way, you will be surprised how fast you can become rich and happy in family life.