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Alarm clock - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you see alarm clock, always indicates some some important event in your life. Dream book mentions several interpretations of such dreams, which indicate not only the events that have to happen, but sometimes the time of these events. You should always be very careful to look closely to the details of a dream in order to accurately perform the interpretation.

Alarm clock is a symbol of unexpected event, meeting or adventures in life. Alarm clock is also a sign of the beginning of a new period in life, which can be dangerous or stressful for you. It is a harbinger of good or bad news, which you have to be ready for. This symbol tells you that something goes wrong in your life, and you need to urgently reconsider own behavior, to take measures to solve emerging issues. You have to develop a more rational attitude towards own time, and not to waste it in vain.

Ringing Alarm means that you need to organize your time and be more punctual and careful in life, and fulfill own promises. If in a dream you see and hear an alarm clock ringing, it signals of a fact that a person, whom you trust, may be not as good as your illusions were. If you've only heard an alarm clock, it reminds you that all you need is to pay special attention to the matters that you have always neglect.

If you see in a dream that the alarm woke up another person, it means that your urgent help will be vital for this person in real life. Alarm clock in your dreams also reminds of some limitations. Its appearance in your dram can be a identification of your daily routine, lack of time. A dream about the alarm clock can also hint us to pay attention to more global things - the inability to logically complete the tasks. Alarm clock is often seen by people who believe that nothing depends on them. You should think, what can alarm symbolize personally for you: hope ("you have time to do something in future") or fear ("time is slipping away").

Also if you heard a ringing alarm clock, you will soon be involved in an unusual event, from which you will get a lot of pleasure. If try to wake somebody up with an alarm clock, it means that you will have a good job.

According to Hasse, if you hear alarm clock ringing in a dream, it is a call for punctuality. According to Lohff, alarm clock is a symbol of the existing limitations, particularly with respect to time, which is always not enough. Such dreams may reflect the everyday concerns (the inability to make rational use of time) or global troubles (the inability to finish undertakings). Also, dreams with alarm are seen by people who think that their lives have expired and they can not change anything.

If after dreaming you memorize the position of arrows on the dial, it means that those numbers will be very important to you.