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Albatross - Meaning of Dream

To hear albatross screaming in you dream – means that possibly somebody lies to you, be cautious to words of people around you. Possible betrayal or divorce.

If you see a flock of albatrosses, this means that soon you will need to communicate with important people. The person you respect will play significant role in your life.

To see an albatross with a fish in the mouth means that soon you will be disappointed with news from far away.

A bird can be a symbol of high aspirations of a person, seeing it in a dream. Most likely, it could mean spiritual development and the wisdom of a dreamer who is able to be above everyday problems and doesn’t get absorbed in it.

Big albatross is a sign of a free and purposeful life. Big bird that flies high in the sky can symbolize a long-held dream. This may be due to both the business and financial aspects of dreamer’s life, as well as relaxation and pleasant impressions of a fascinating journey.

When a large bird is soaring in a dream just above the dreamer, it may symbolize upcoming events, which may surprise you. Large birds in a dream may represent a threat to the entire planet, as they represent some kind of natural disaster.

If you are a creative person then dream about a bird is a sign of a leap of imagination, your creative ideas and plans. Sometimes a bird in a dream can be a symbol of tiredness and a desire to move away from many problems and troubles.

Bird is a symbol of naturalness, simplicity and unpretentiousness. It means that a person is completely satisfied with own life and treats all everyday problems as vital in life.