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Albino - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a white man, in particular about an albino, it means that you may face an extraordinary personality, different from all the ordinary people; it may be that an albino symbolizes your future.

Also, albino is seen in a dream as a sign of changes and experiencing of hitherto unknown feelings. Albino in a dream is a sign of unexpected meeting with those with whom you lost contact for a long time. If you dream of a close person who appears as an albino, it may mean changes that will happen to this person or changing in the attitude of other relatives and friends to him/her. In this case, you have to help him/her cope with future changes, which can be quite painful. In any case, an albino in a dream is a sign of something new and extraordinary.

It is necessary to distinguish between ordinary dreams in which people just have normal white faces and dreams in which you see albinos. In the first case, the interpretation of a dream does not depend on the color of human skin, in the second color indicates the important events that is going to happen in the life of a dreamer.

In some non-European cultures, a dream about a white man promised a lot of trouble, because the majority of local inhabitants have never seen a man with white skin and perceived him as a myth, as well as a bad omen. Shamans of some tribes have argued that such a dream is a failed attempt of the evil god to turn into a man. In other tribes, such a dream was known as a sign to conduct rituals, namely smearing faces with white clay and dancing around a bonfire.

On the contrary, representatives of Inca Empire didn’t consider dreams about a white man as something wrong, in fact they had the white god - Quetzalcoatl.

A dream about an albino foretells extraordinary meetings, as well as your efforts aimed at gaining the trust of others. If an albino was your relative, this dream foretells major changes. This dream may portend changes in your relationship with people around you; if an albino appeared in a form of a close friend, then it may mean that your attitude may change. This dream may foretell various non-standard situations for a dreamer, but usually it is related to communication with extraordinary people that needs to be taken into account.