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Alchemist - Meaning of Dream

Recently people start to get interested in their dreams even more than before. This is due to the fact that they have a big variety of dream book from different epochs and they can combine and analyze many interpretations, as it was done by our ancestors. Especially, people are interest in dream which have a strange or incomprehensible plot. For example, the dreams about magic, wonders and so on. Some dream interpreters say that this phenomenon is a result of information which influence human’s brain during a day. Some are sure, that the meaning of such dreams is much more complicated as it might seem.

Alchemist seen in the dream forebodes success in education and addiction to knowledge. It means that if you see this dream you need to step on the right path and devote your life to science; that is how you will be able to gain success and inner harmony.

To see an alchemist in your dream is a sign that you desire to get new information. And if you use it clever, you will be able to demonstrate your potential fully.

A dream where you see an ancient alchemist means that you spend your time for unnecessary affairs at the moment, and you need to change your life drastically. This is a hint for you to think of your future and things which you want to do.