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Alcohol - Meaning of Dream

Alcohol may be seen in dreams not only by those, who misuse it. If you want to know what particular alcoholic beverage means, you should read this article. Here described dreams about vodka, moonshine, brandy and other types of alcohol.

If a person, who doesn’t drink too much, has a dream about drinking a strong drink, it means that he/she will face some troubles. Dreaming of a lot of alcoholic beverages is a sign of scandal.

If you dream that you buy a bottle of alcohol and put it on a table, soon you will improve your financial well-being, however, because of this, you will have a lot of envy and ill-wishers.

Acquisition of different types of alcoholic beverages in a dream indicates a purchase of expensive thing in real life.

If someone of your family is suffering from alcohol addiction, and you dream of a table cluttered with bottles of alcohol, it means that this member of your family will be a hard drinker.

If, however, there are no problems with alcohol of any of your family members, then such an abundance of spirits in a dream indicates an important event, after which you will have a lot of money and respect from people around.

Dreams about alcohol are often seen by people who are alcoholics in real life. In case, such dreams are seen on a regular basis, this is a signal that he/she is subconsciously ready to fight with addiction. It would be good if there are people who are able to support.

A dream, in which you drink together with friends or family, means that you will have to make a difficult choice between the spiritual and material benefits.

If for some reason, you can not drink, while other people drink around you, it means that you will make an important choice, which will affect the rest of your life.

If you dream that you drink alone, it means that soon you will be caught between two fires: it will be necessary to solve almost impossible task, which you won’t be able to abandon. A dream warns the dreamer to think things through, so when such a situation occurs, he/she will be able to make the right decision.

Selling alcohol in a dream means that you will surprise yourself with unexpected action. If you treat someone with a strong drink, then the next month you will demonstrate your initiative and organizational skills.

If you drink an unknown alcoholic beverage, it means that you will experience a short-term pleasure. Drinking vodka in a dream is the upcoming big shame. Whisky is usually seen by selfish people, who used to care only about own interests. Cognac, seen in a dream, indicates that the dreamer does not care about own health. According to another interpretation, cognac may be indicative of excessive sexual activity. Drinking of moonshine indicates problems in family and at work, selling moonshine means money, producing moonshine means envious people. A dream, in which you drink brandy, means that you have to fight your own laziness and tactless, otherwise soon you will expect the deterioration in business. Spirit, which you drink in a dream, promises new pleasant meeting and dating.

Alcoholic beverages can be seen in a dream of a person, who eats lots of sweets. In order to prevent health problems, it is necessary to give up eating sweets and examine the body.

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