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Alcoholic - Meaning of Dream

To talk with an alcoholic in the dream is a warning that shortly you will have business with unpleasant person. Don’t allow anyone new get into your business; otherwise you will have many problems.

To drink with an alcoholic means that you will get under influence of person whom you don’t like. Something bad might happen, and you will need to ask his help.

If you try to wake up an alcoholic in your dream, this means that soon you and your folks will be happy. This might be the reason of some happy celebration which you have been waiting for long.

To send an alcoholic for treatment in hospital means that soon you will spend a lot of money. Whether it will be a necessary purchase of not, depends on you.

If an alcoholic pays out his debts to you, this means that you need to reveal your feelings right away, the delay is undesirable.

If some of your friend becomes an alcoholic – beware, soon you will face some troubles.

If you drink a lot in a dream, it will cause you material losses in real life.

If you see a drunken lady, this means that you will have improvement in your affairs.

To see your husband being drunk will lead to fight with him in real life.

To see an alcoholic in public transport means that soon you will need to spend less money and try to economize your expenses.