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Algebra - Meaning of Dream

Only people who didn’t like algebra at school more likely have dreams about algebra – this is a sign of restless state of the dreamer. For old people this dream is an indication of unpleasant memories.

If you are doing algebraic calculations in the dream, it is a consequence of disorder of your affairs in business. Learn how to plan your day, and then you will not miss anything out of sight.

If you see a school algebra teacher, it is a sign of your envious attitude towards mental abilities of someone around you. You'll experience this feeling for a long time, if you don’t improve own intelligence.

To dream of algebra textbook is evidence that you will achieve great success at work thanks to your interest in business and ability to think logically.

If you dream that you solve problems in algebra and you can’t manage it - it is an indication of the fact that all your efforts are performed in vain, and your plans will not be realized for a long time.

Dreaming that you are a student and you can’t solve a difficult equation - the dream indicates that your immaturity often does not let you to undertake rational actions.

If you dreamed that you solved the equation - it means that in the near future it will be easily for you to cope with the task. If you solve the equation with too many unknowns, it means that you are worried about the uncertainty in your financial affairs.