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Alimony - Meaning of Dream

To receive alimony in the dream means that somebody of your management will disappoint you. Sometimes it has the meaning that - happy end in your affairs will overtake you. You will have fewer troubles and will be able to concentrate on your tasks.

If vice versa you pay out alimony, it means that you might have unexpected problems, the solution of which will bother you a lot. Your actions might cause these problems. So it’s better to think twice before you do something; otherwise the consequences of your deed will long bother you and finally destroy your life.

Alimony received by the court means that in the near future you will be disappointed with your boss or management. For a long time, you have been waiting some recognition or appraisal, but despite of your efforts they don’t notice your enthusiasm, and don’t appreciate your work. And this fact upsets you the most.

The talk about alimony in a dream is an indication of the need for support from someone out of your surroundings. Without this help you will not be able to survive in the near future. Perhaps “survive” is a loud expression; it will be simply difficult for you to manage some deals. You will be embarrassed for some time, till you make a correct step on the path to wellbeing.