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Allah - Meaning of Dream

To see the dream where somehow Allah takes part – means that you need to be ready for fateful changes.

If you hear this word in your dream – you will be tested in life and your point of view will change due to new circumstances.

If you dream of people who worship Allah, it is a sign of big life changes. If it is a mass Allah worship, it means that you can be a witness of the strongest weather events: hurricanes or other natural disasters.

Dreaming of Allah, who gives you something of human vital amenities, means that you will have to overtake some kind of test - sickness or misfortune.

If you dream of Allah, who is happy because you can see him, it means that in the Day of Judgment you will meet Allah in the same settings.

It is scientifically proven that process of sleeping consists of the so-called slow and fast phases. When we dream, our body is relaxed, but the brain at the same time is actively working. And even through closed eyelids it can be seen how a dreamer moves pupils of the eyes. Dreams are seen even by those people, who are blind by birth.

There are many variations of dreams about Allah. But you must understand that dreaming of him and being able to see his face - is a great mercy of the Creator. If you see Allah in a certain city, it means that it is surrounded by justice, joy and care.

If in a dream you see Allah saying something bad about you to other people, it means that you need to repent as fast as possible.

If you see that Allah thanks you for something, it means that you have the ability to do wonders.