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Allergy - Meaning of Dream

A dream about an allergy warns you about bad concatenation of circumstances.

If you suffer from not material allergy in your dream (like from people, newspaper or TV program), it means that you need to be more emotionally moderate.

If you see allergy rash on your skin – beware, your enemies try to shame you.

For not married lady, a dream where her rash is itching means that she will find a rich fiancé.

If you have a dream about your friend suffering from allergy, this means that he is ready to help you solving any problems in life. If you dream of allergy on somebody, then the dream indicates the reliability of that person; especially, if you and your friend have allergies at the same time.

Dreaming of allergy rash on a child is a sign that some of your folks will cause your worries. This dream may also symbolize the existing worries. For example, a mother who does not like a boyfriend of a young daughter can see a dream, in which her daughter is covered by an allergic rash.

Allergy can be seen in a dream, if in real life you experience some negative emotions with respect to situation or a person, but you can not change anything. For example, if you experience negative pressure from your boss at work, you may dream of allergy that appears during a conversation with the boss-tyrant. Inability to leave, slam the door, or respond adequately to petty tyrant, is a reason for a dream with painful itchy rash on your skin.

As a rule, allergy doesn’t portend anything special or bad. This dream, rather, reports on the domestic tension, unwillingness or inability to accept certain events in life and incompatibility with certain people. Perhaps, a dreamer should pay attention to own attitude towards certain aspects of life: perhaps some circumstances are perceived overly emotionally. Subconscious mind is trying to tell a person that there is no reason to worry, because everything can be treated easily.

If a dreamer sees allergies on loved ones’ body, it is a realization of real concerns about welfare, the desire to protect a partner from troubles.