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Alley - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of an alley means that soon the time of relaxation will finish, and you will need to start your work again.

If a lady walks along an alley, this means that she doesn’t quite know what relationships she needs. She needs to be careful with folks, in order to save good reputation.

For a young man, to walk with a lady on an alley, means that their feelings will overcome a lot of difficulties.

If you see an alley with exotic trees, this means that soon you will have a spontaneous trip. The length of the alley reflects the length of a journey.

If you see an alley with trees twisted together with branches, such a dream warns you about possible disappointments.

An alley in darkness means that you will be offered to take part in a questionable project. Walking along such alley alone means that somebody will try to shame you. If an alley is overgrown, dark, and gloomy, it is a sign that someone among your friends may be have a dubious character, and he/she tries to do something dangerous to you or deceive you.

A dream with briar alley means that your feelings will be untrue.

You should also try to remember what the trees were around you. Exotic vegetation and trees of unknown species along an alley predict an interesting journey to distant lands and unfamiliar places.

Beautiful free-growing trees forming a light clean alley portend good luck in business and prosperity. If the shrubs and trees around are blooming, it promises the joy of communication, success in business or even a sudden outbreak of love feelings.

Walking in a dream along an alley of small shrubs and low trees is a sign of hassles and worries. Also stunted vegetation suggests that an affair with which a person is busy at this time, has no great importance and is not worth the effort expended for it. Perhaps, a dreamer should quit this undertaking and work on something else.

A dream about alley warns about the appearance of hassle and small troubles, but their appearance is not necessary. This dream may be an auspicious sign. Bright alley indicates a beautiful state of affairs, and dark warns of dubious undertakings.

Running down an alley indicates an attempt to get away, walk at a leisurely pace promises tryst. Dreaming of alley in flames and walk through it means severe worries and life tests in the near future.

Watch people walking in an alley is a sign of disappointment in love; if you walk with someone – you will have to check your feelings.

In any case, after such a dream, be extremely careful and cautious, thus you can avoid trouble, because forewarned - is forearmed. Pay attention to the loved ones - the help from them can be invaluable.