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Alleyway - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream of a dark alleyway, which emanates fear and uncertainty, this is an unfavorable sign. This means that some processes in your life develop wrong. It is essential to analyze past events and find the cause of inner concern.

An alleyway like in a fairy tale (bright, sunny) is also possible in a dream. It signifies that in life you have recently got too many illusions that can’t promise anything good. It is time to remove the rose-colored spectacles and look at the world more objectively.

Walking down the alleyway and noticing bright light in the end is a good sign. It foretells improvement in life, overcoming challenges, and the implementation of the goals. This dream should be memorized and kept in mind.

Much may depend on the height of the buildings located on both sides of the alley. If the houses were high (especially if they rose to the skies), the dream tells that you are quite demanding and capricious. You should moderate your desires and claims to people around.

If the lane is going down, this is a close contact with the subconscious mind in a dream. This vision is very rare, but it can bring huge benefits. Inner voice, heard in it, can tell a lot of important information.

It happens that after dreaming you can’t memorize anything you saw, but in case you clearly remember an alleyway, it is also good to recall other objects that may determine the interpretation as well.

If you want to preserve the contact with your subconsciousness, you need to write down the dreams you see. A good idea would be to have a diary and make notes in it; this will help you with the analysis of dreams.