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Alligator - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of an alligator is not a very good sign – your enemies will be quite aggressive and alert.

An alligator is hidden severe power. Maybe you want to have knowledge in several fields. There is a possibility of you or your folks being two-faced. Alligator also reflects your ability to adapt. This means that you are a flexible person.

This dream indicates that dreamer’s close friends will soon cheat or betray. So, it is advisable to behave more cautiously with loved ones, as any of them can be a traitor.

Moreover, the enemies in this time period are very active and try to spoil dreamer’s life with all possible means. If you dream of a small alligator, be ready to face some serious troubles, which you will have to solve on your own.

Dreams, in which there is an alligator, no matter what size, warn a dreamer not to be too trustful with people, especially if there are doubts about their loyalty.

If in a dream you see a few alligators, it means that in real life you have a lot of bad friends who are just waiting for the opportune moment to harm you.

This dream is a warning of an insidious and very cunning enemy who will not miss a chance to hurt, so you should show extreme caution in dealing not only with strangers, but also close friends. Also, the dream may indicate that there are hidden and hostile threats.

Besides dreams, in which there is an alligator, mean quite serious problems that can greatly damage your life. However, if in a dream you kill this animal, the meaning of the dream changes.

However, the dream may indicate that a person has the unique ability to adapt to almost any conditions and circumstances, or, at least, there is little desire to change bad temper and become more accommodating.