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Alms - Meaning of Dream

It is necessary to distinguish the word "ask" and "give" when interpreting the dream about alms. So, if whole hearted people give alms to you, the dream forebodes that you will become rich in a short time, and this will be due to inheritance or monetary reward.

If a young lady asks alms in a dream, it hints that she has to have a closer look at her lover, and revise his attitude to her. Maybe he just does not deserve her attention or neglects her. For a single man, this dream predicts the opportunity to get married into money.

The dream about alms is truly a warning, and you should treat it more carefully. If alms are given or taken not of one’s own will but at command, this is a signal of big and serious problems, losses, both at work and in personal life.

Alms or charity is a voluntary donation of food, money, clothing, and other things to the poor and people in need. Such dreams should be interpreted more responsibly, taking into account every nuance.

If the poor accept the alms with big pleasure, this dream portends welfare, benefit and good health. If you see yourself giving alms, the dream reflects your rich inner spiritual world, and states that you are ready to help people in need even in a difficult period for yourself.

If a young man and a woman see how they give alms to the poor, the dream tells that they may meet detractors and opponents who will try to disrupt the affairs, but the young will safely manage the situation.

If you see yourself standing on your knees and begging for alms but nobody notices you, this dream foretells bad or unpleasant events in reality. It also indicates the dissatisfaction in relationships with loved ones, and low material condition, which can lead to big troubles. A person, who saw this dream, should ponder over own steps and actions thousand times, and monitor word that he/she says, otherwise they will backfire.

Once again it is worth reminding: in order to properly learn the interpretation of the dream, you have to pay attention to the environment, people, and the weather in a dream. Taking into account all the nuances you can properly and correctly interpret the dream.