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Aloe - Meaning of Dream

Aloe in a dream quite often means problems. You will have to argue with somebody in order to prove your opinion.

If you heal a wound with an aloe leaf, this a warning of possible threat for your health.

To hurt yourself with aloe thorn in the dream means unexpected disease, you bother yourself with unnecessary ideas. Try to concentrate on something important and do not fall under influence of useless entertainment.

If you had a dream in which an aloe bush has dried out – you might be stuck in troubles. You will waste lots of efforts and time in order to stabilize your condition.

If you advise somebody to use aloe as a healing medicine – you will be honored in life.

To drink aloe juice in the dream means that your life will change seriously.

To peel down an aloe leaf and put it on your head is a good sign, it symbolizes your success, changes at work or new occupation.

To have a dream with an old aloe plant means that you will be healthy. Due to your healthy style of life, you will be able to achieve success and recognition.

If you water the plant of aloe in your dream, it means that in real life your loneliness will complicate your life, and serious life test is prepared for you.

For men, such dream with aloe means something new, unexpected and exotic. For women, it is a sign that it is time to use nontraditional methods of treatment, because regular medication doesn’t help anymore.