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Alphabet - Meaning of Dream

Alphabet is a sign of a good start, gathering with friends, happiness and success in business (for educated person). Troubles and grief is portended by this dream for uneducated dreamer.

A dream where you learn how to read an alphabet means that you will face very serious life test. If you do this with somebody else, it means that soon you will have bad luck.

If you turn pages of an alphabet book, it means that you will discover something new in life. But if you have such a dream over and over again, it has a bad meaning.

If you take an alphabet book in your hands, it means that you are not quite competent in your affairs.

To pay close attention to the cover of the book means that you don’t know all the details of the situation you are in now.

In a dream you are looking for an alphabet book, it is a sign that you have problems in your intimate life with your partner.

To present an alphabet book to somebody means to do a disservice to one of your friends.

To buy or receive an alphabet book as a present means an opposite action - a disservice towards you.

If you burn or tear apart an alphabet book – you will be lucky. Suddenly you can win money or meet a person which will be useful for you in future.

If you see unknown letters in the alphabet you will have complexity in affairs. If the letters are disordered – you need to organize your life.