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Alps - Meaning of Dream

To see Alps in a dream is a good sign, you will be healthy and will live a long life.

To be in Alps and feel its fresh air means that soon you will receive increase in profit. Your financial stability will improve and be significant.

In a dream you see Alps covered with lots of flowers – be ready that your intellectual character will develop and you will reach mental peace.

To rest in Alps with other people means that you will face difficulties in life, maybe even heart or lungs disease.

If you plan to visit Alps, it means that you will not resist the temptation.

Any mountain in the human mind is a significant natural object, winning of which requires serious effort, training and equipment, knowledge and ability to manage difficulties in the way.

The meaning of what the dream of snowy Alps includes, first of all, a symbol of the mountain itself as a huge task, purpose, and the opportunities and obstacles in life of a dreamer. This dream draws attention to the fact that the same as conquering a symbolic mountain top in a dream, in real life you also need to have competence and capabilities in order to reach success.

The most favorable dream among dreams with mountains is the one where you see Alps covered with green forest. The worst dream is about mountains with bare rocky teeth. Snowy Alps promise the possibility of achieving the goals, but at the cost of considerable effort. Mist at the tip indicates that the final outcome of events is still unclear.

Further interpretation of a dream, in which you see snowy Alps, largely depends on the details, as well as the feelings and emotions that encompass a dreamer.

If you just observe Alps from afar, it means that your goal is still far in the distant future. Particular attention should be paid to the feelings which you have when you see the mountains. Perhaps it is fear, fright, frustrating or maybe excitement and enthusiasm. Accordingly, it is possible to draw an analogy with the emotions for better interpretation.

Another plot of a dream is a direct approach to Alps with a group of climbers. If you are in charge of this group, you inspire and support them, it means that in real life you will be a future leader as well.

Certainly very promising is the moment of reaching to the top of a mountain, it is a sign of future victory and overcoming of obstacles.

If you are a member of a team, led by someone else, then in real life you are likely to be on the "sidelines" in a difficult situation.

Most negative can be a dream, if the top of Alps is covered with clouds, and some natural phenomenon starts - hail, fog, rockfall, which does not allow you to move forward and achieve the cherished snowy peak. This dream clearly warns against the possibility of entering into a difficult situation.