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Altar - Meaning of Dream

In your dream you look at altar very closely and see all of its details, it means that in real life you will regret of your mistakes. Try to analyze it and draw a moral out of it.

If you see an ecclesiastic next to an altar, it is a sign that soon some huge troubles will strike you. Be ready to resist them, as your family needs your support.

Dreaming of the engagement at the altar means that you will be disappointed with future events.

To build an altar in the dream means that in real life there will be a lot of honor towards you.

For unmarried man, dreaming of an altar is a hint for soon marriage with a loved one.

To see yourself standing on your knees in front of the altar means that all your dreams will come true.

If you pray together with your friend in front of the altar you will receive help opportunely.

If you pray alone – some news will help you start acting more confidently.

To pass by an altar and not to stop is a bad sign. Try to pay attention to what is happening around you. Maybe, you are not too confident and enemies will try to use this opportunity.

To receive Holly Sacrament for couple in love means an upcoming forced separation, either because of sudden trip or even death. This dream also warns about complications at work.

To see a weeding ceremony next to an altar means that some sorrow will strike your folks soon.