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Ambition - Meaning of Dream

Ambition is a very difficult word to distinguish in a dream, therefore you need to remember the details, whether it was you, who experienced it, or some of your friends expressed ambitious behavior.

To deal with ambitious person in a dream means that your trust is not quite justified. Be more open-eyed. You have to remember, that sometimes people are not the same as they seem to be.

In the dream your ambitions make you show your character, this dream means that all disappointments in life you take too seriously. No need to get upset, it is better to work on own development, in order to avoid the same situation in the future.

If you fight with somebody showing your ambitions, this is a reflection that you are not self-confident enough, and you don’t believe in your rightness. Try to change your perception of what is happening with you. If something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean that your affairs are non-perspective, it means that you need a little more of devotion and competence.

A dream, where your ambitions disturb the reunion with a friend, signals about accumulated offences towards this person.

If you got fired because of your ambitions in a dream, in real life your timidity doesn’t give you chance to share your point of view with your surroundings.

To see your child being very ambitious is a sign that you need to perceive your folks troubles easier.

To have ambition means to have desire to reach some goal. What goal you want to reach? Only you know the answer.