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Ambrosia - Meaning of Dream

If you have a dream about ambrosia, it is a bad sign - soon allergy disease may affect you. The disease will be connected to airways. If you pick up the plant of ambrosia – the meaning of dream increases, you will not be able to avoid the disease.

But if you weed garden beds, it's a good sign that foretells victory over enemies. You will honorably manage any scrape, caused by your detractors. The main thing is to weed beds carefully making them look clean.

A garden or a field where you weed ambrosia is a sign that in real life you have big plans for upcoming work, a new business or a grand building.

Overgrown beds with ambrosia portend upcoming difficult events. According to the dream book, if you manage to weed it, in real life you will cope with time-consuming job. The result will depend on how successful was the weeding in a dream. If a dreamer was working hard weeding his/her garden, and the crop plants become strong and healthy without weeds, it means that in real life dreamer’s affairs will develop successfully.

If you dream that you weed a garden bed without necessary effort, pulling out all the grass in a row - weeds together with crop plants, in real life your great plans will not be fulfilled. Something will go wrong from the beginning.

If you dream of well maintained and clean garden without ambrosia, it means that in real life everything is under control. This also applies to family life, in which everything goes smoothly.

If you weed your neighbor's garden and pull out all ambrosia, in real life you have enviers or competitors, which hinder the achievement of your goals. It is necessary to overcome the resistance and bring it to the end. If you dream that weeding was carried out successfully, in the life obstacles will be outdone.

If you see strangers weeding ambrosia in your garden bed, it means that in real life you have a benefactor who helps you in solving problems and business issues. This can be a relative or a complete stranger, but somehow interested in the successful outcome of your matters.