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America - Meaning of Dream

If you dream about America in its multinational coloring, this dream is a warning that it is necessary to be careful in business, paying attention to the small things that can be very important.

If you dream of American skyscrapers, it means that you have grandiose plans, the implementation of which depends on your patience and diligence.

If you dream of walking on the crowded streets of America, it means that you will face lots of distractions in your affairs, which can prevent the achievement of goals.

Dreaming of America by someone holding a senior position, portends a change in management practices. It will be necessary to revise every stage in the process of management in order not to lose own powers.

America is a fascinating country that offers many opportunities for many people, so if you see America in a dream, it indicates your real chances for success.

To identify and understand the exact meaning of America in a dream, it is necessary to recall the details of a dream. So, in America there are cities and towns, it is washed by the ocean, it has rivers, lakes and mountains, endless fields and cliffs. People of different nationalities live in America and their appearance may also play a role in interpretation. Also you have to remember about the method of travel in America - it was a view from an airplane window, from a window of a train or a car, or maybe it was a journey through the narrow streets of New York buildings or a trip on the American farm.

It is necessary to re-imagine a dream, remember what the weather was, whether it was sunny or rainy, what time of year it was and whether you hear their language and have a conversation with someone.

If you have to talk American language, this dream promises an interesting dialogue with a stranger, and by the type of an interlocutor you will determine whether a new acquaintance is pleasant or vice versa.

A dream in which you suddenly came to America, foretells unexpected circumstances, so you should be prepared for life changes.

American Indian is seen in a dream when a person runs out of power. It is a kind of a hint for outdoor recreation, which can recharge vital energy.