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Ammunition - Meaning of Dream

To see ammunition in a dream indicates dreamer’s readiness for a certain work. But don’t be in hurry to start new undertaking, you need to observe and analyze all aspects of possible activity. Sometimes this dream has a different meaning.

If in a dream you see military ammunition, it means that you will not be able to manage your work, because you will lose very necessary skill. Try to pay more attention to people around you, because they might deceive you, when they have a chance.

A dream where you see somebody in ammunition, due to dream interpretation book, means that soon a military man will appear in your life. For a young man this is not a pleasant sign.

If in a dream you see yourself in ammunition, it means that all admiration which you get will start to bother you. At the beginning you were happy to receive a lot of attention and promotion for good work, but now you are tired of excess honor, you want to hide and life a quiet life.

Such a dream is a warning that you need to mobilize all your forces and use all means to carry out your own plans or to get out of a bad story. If you dream that ammunition is hung all over you, then be ready for a lot of trouble and unrest related to the solution of important problems. This dream foretells you that success will be your reward for your hard work. However, your luck will exasperate your enemies and envious. So beware of evil slander and gossips about your actions.