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Amnesty - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you have enough power to adopt the law about amnesty, it means that in real life you have too many secondary occupations, and you can’t choose one to spend all your time and efforts for it. That is because you don’t have strong interest to it. You need to develop and find your hobby. This will help you to increase your inner level of self-perception.

In a dream you see how you friend gets freedom because of amnesty, it is a sign that problems which were ignored will soon trouble you again. Generally, this is not very favorable dream, because with this friend you may your dubious business again.

If you take part in a meeting, which topic is amnesty, this is a reflection of your loneliness at present period of your life. If you think that you are all-sufficient - you are wrong. Now you need someone who will help and support you. Together it will be easier for you to solve everyday matters.

To be released from a prison because of amnesty is a hint that situation at home will not be quite pleasant. Pay more attention to your household and you will notice a clue to the problem.

If you read articles in newspaper about amnesty, it means that you are too nervous and feel tension a lot, you need to spend time in relaxation; otherwise your health will fall into decay.

If you read the resolution about amnesty, this dream means that you might suffer from weariness. Pay more attention to your health.