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Amphibian - Meaning of Dream

If you see a dream where you observe an aquarium full of amphibians, this dream means that you want to show your talents to everybody.

To visit an exhibition of amphibian in a dream indicates your unconscious inclination to everything new.

To see amphibian next to you means that you try to entertain yourself with methods, which others would never think of.

In a dream you get scared of an amphibian, it means that somebody in your surroundings is worth of your trust.

In a dream you buy equipment in order to dive and see amphibian, it means that in real life you have a clear vision of your future, you are self-motivated and proactive. You will never change your mind under pressure of somebody else.

In the dream you get to know that there is an amphibian in the lake, and you decide to go there to see it, in real life you admire extreme entertainment.

In a dream you see yourself as a king of amphibian and all water creatures worship you, such a dream means that you don’t have enough of family happiness. Maybe you have some problems at work, but it will disappear soon.

If an amphibian makes you laugh, this dream indicates that somebody helps you to hide something that disturbs you a lot. You need to appreciate this person.

If you see this dream on Thursday – you want that your occupation bring you profit. If you try hard this might come true.