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Amulet - Meaning of Dream

Amulet is considered to be an item which can protect everybody from bad outside influence.

If you see yourself creating an amulet for yourself, this dream means that you are unprotected. Also, this dream suggests that you can create your own happiness alone, so you should discard all doubt and do what you like.

If you lose an amulet in the dream, it means that small failures will step back and the wave of success will cover you.

To receive an amulet from a stranger means that you will receive unexpected useful help.

If you see that you get rid of amulet – you will change your life considerably.

For a woman, to see an amulet of a strange shape is a prognostic of new romantic relationship which will be more passionate. Such a dream for a man means a pleasant acquaintance.

If you wear amulet on your neck – beware of evil charms. Somebody tries to bedevil you.

If you had a dream in which the amulet was lost, then the dream indicates that you do not pay due attention to important events in your life. Perhaps you spend your time in the pursuit of a mirage or illusory pleasure, which seems the most important thing in life but it’s not true.

A dream about an amulet could foretell some valuable discovery in the near future. If you find or receive an amulet as a gift, it means that you will receive a blessing for business that is important for you.

Dreaming of an amulet means that you don’t possess self confidence, especially on the eve of committing very important action. In order to solve this problem the best way is to use own charm.

If you damaged your amulet, then in real life you are trying to ignore own purpose in life; therefore it is advisable to return to the spiritual side of your existence. Dreaming of amulet could also spell some pleasant event.