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Amur - Meaning of Dream

Amur is a divine incarnation of love in ancient Rome mythology. It appears in the image of a child with angel features, wings, bow and arrows.

If you see yourself in the dream hit by Amur’s arrow you will feel sudden rush of feelings. If Amur hits you with an arrow while flying in the air – for a lady, this is a sign of new acquaintance, which can lead to marriage.

Such a dream for a young man means that he will be deceived, and all agreements will be abrogated.

To communicate with Amur means that you will contact with a person who is not indifferent to you.

If you see Amur on a post card – you will take part in important business and its success will depend only on you.

A dream, where you see Amur on the picture/painting, means that you need to build your private relationships.

If in a dream Amur hurts your heart with an arrow, it means that once being offended, your heart has closed its doors thereafter. This is a hint that you need to let a new feeling inside your heart.

At the same time, Dream Interpretation Book of Hasse advises to be careful in choosing a partner for lovemaking. Before you make a final choice, you need to understand the suitability of a person for a relationship, and if there is a possibility that he/she is unworthy, it is better to try not to get involved in a love adventure.

Reviewing several interpretations about Amur, you can make the following conclusions: a dream in most cases is an auspicious sign, carrying a pleasant change, unexpected love and all-consuming passion. Do not worry and corner yourself, you need to take action and look more closely at the people around you. Perhaps one of them is a man, with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.