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Anaconda - Meaning of Dream

Anaconda in a dream more often symbolizes asphyxia or lack of something. Sometimes anaconda reflects the meaning of pressure of outer circumstances on a dreamer, or his/her pressure on somebody.

If you dreamed of an anaconda, it means that in the near future, be ready for big changes, both at work and in personal life. The appearance of anaconda in a dream means that very soon there will be a new acquaintance, a friendship with whom will bring a lot of happiness and joy in life and fill it with new meaning.

All people without exception, from time to time, have dreams. In general, they are of different plot. Sometimes, these dreams are about adventures, horror, strangers, animals or panic. Nastiest creatures that can be seen in a dream and cause wild terror are snakes. Special attention is paid to boas and anacondas as they are very large and can embrace and strangle a person.

If you dream of anaconda falling on you from above, this dream warns you about bad intentions of person close to you.

Anaconda is a snake in the family boas. Its length sometimes reaches up to eleven meters. It should be mentioned that a snake in a dream promises a great victory over a dangerous and terrible enemy.

And if anaconda in a dream is dead, it means that you trust and believe other people blindly. For a woman anaconda means that soon she will have many admirers.

For men anaconda in a dream promises a meeting with a lovely girl. If besides anaconda you see people, it is a sign of invitation to a wedding, or a big celebration. If you dream of an animal next to anaconda, be ready for a meeting with an old girlfriend or boyfriend.