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Analysis - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that an analysis is performed by an old man, it means that you will have to participate in social activities, which will be a burden for you, but it would be impossible to dodge, so it's best to do everything perfectly, otherwise you will have to listen to humiliating boss’ comments.

If in a dream you maintain some sort of analysis, it means that you are loaded with all your problems. To overtake a medical analysis means that you are tired of present situation. If you are worried about the results of your analysis, it indicates your unreasonable worries about your business.

To analyze your private relations in a dream means that very soon your family will grow in number, you will have children.

Analysis may be a harbinger of a variety of events both good and bad, so you should consider all the elements of a dream.

Dreaming about analysis, which suggests that your health is far from ideal, means recovery in real life.

If you see yourself in a hospital undergoing medical test, then in reality you should be examined, as this dream indicates your body weakness. Standing in a line to pick up your test results, signals about problems at work, the solution of which will cost you health. For a girl this dream is a harbinger of impending trouble in her personal life. Her partner who promised to marry her will leave, but she should not be upset because the marriage would still be unsuccessful, and soon they would be separated.

In most cases this dream indicates the condition of your health. Blood test means the arrival of relatives, urine – life test, stool - money. If you can’t pass medical test in a dream, it means that in reality you will be forced to be a devil for work, as there will be staff reduction. Such a busy schedule will affect your health, but you will not have time to think about it as a strict boss will keep an eye on you.