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Anchovy - Meaning of Dream

To see anchovy in a dream means that you disorient yourself and your hopes are unfulfilled. Perhaps, you have to recall this set phrase: learn to creep before you leap. You want too much from life and from people around you. Try to be more discreet and polite with people. Also, this dream means that you will receive bad news and certain conditions will interfere with the execution of your plans.

If you eat anchovy you will get good news soon, unless anchovy is rotten, because in this case, your success will be lost because of other sad situations. In general, rotten sea food is a symbol of separation. You need to show more care and attention to people who love you, because recently, you just expressed indifference.

A dream about anchovies, in general, is not very favorable, as it promises that even if you are successful your joy will be incomplete because of bad consequences that would entail your business. This dream can also mean success in love, but love will be overshadowed by the sadness of separation or financial difficulties.

If you sell ​​anchovies in a dream, it promises you a lot of luck and ability to earn more money. At this period of life, you will be able to stabilize your financial wellbeing.