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Angel - Meaning of Dream


Angel is a symbol of protection, assistance, good news, purity and innocence. But with rare exception, if you see the angel in a dream, it can be a good sign.

Sometimes, angel in the dream brings disappointment, but only in case, if the fulfillment of your desires can harm someone.

If you dream that angel is approaching you, it portends good news. Most likely, you will receive a letter or telegram, which will greatly please you. Sometimes an angel in a dream means spiritual growth. But in this case you have to rely on own strength.

If you see a guardian angel, it means that the protection is provided to you by the higher powers.

If you touch angel’s wings, the dream heralds harmony and peace of mind. All the problems in your life will go away by themselves, sadness will be forgotten, and the anxiety will disappear.

If you dream that you are an angel, a dream means that one of your dear people is in dire need of assistance, and you are able to provide assistance, do not refuse.

To dream of an angel who cries, means that you need to think about own actions. Perhaps you did something about which you will soon bitterly regret.

If an angel is smiling, this dream foretells you true love.

If you dream of a black angel, you will be tortured by doubts. Do not doubt the correctness of own actions. Do not be afraid of anything and do not regret. Your intuition will tell you the correct output, just listen to it.

To dream of an angel, who calls you to follow it, it is a sign of serious illness. You or your relative might catch some disease.

For a woman, to dream of an angel in human shape, it foretells her loving husband and a happy marriage. If angel is seen by a man in the dream, it is a signal that his subconscious desires for romantic relationships.

Angel armed with a sword warns you about the evil actions, which you will regret about.

Conversation with an angel in a dream, may herald the death of someone.

For people born between January and April, a guardian angel in a dream, foretells successful completion of affairs in reality.

For those, who were born between May and August, the dream predicts upcoming joyful news.

For people born between September and December, the dream about guardian angel, predicts possible disappointment.

Also, when you want to interpret the meaning of a guardian angel, it is worth remembering that it is a kind of a messenger, that you should rely only on own strength.

This dream speaks about peace of mind and protection from higher powers. In other words, you have a guardian angel in real life.

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