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Anise - Meaning of Dream

Anise in a dream means that you were worried a lot, and now for some time you can be relaxed. This may be connected with many events in life. For students it is exams, for worker – expectation for promotion, and for a pregnant lady – fast delivery. In any case, anise in a dream symbolizes successful completion of all affairs.

If you eat anise – you will gain a peace of mind. It may occur due to the good condition of your health, perfect relationship with close people and general happiness.

If you see Anise tree, it is a sign of wellbeing in the nearest future. Finally, you will be able to prove that your ideas are brilliant and helpful in business. Therefore, you will be promoted and will have a better material state. Now it is a time to afford everything what you wanted before.

If you see a blooming tree, it means that you will be respected. As it was above mentioned, your efforts will be noticed and you will bask in glory.

In a dream to sow anise seeds, this dream foretells that the results of your efforts will be worthy and honored. You will gain a great experience that will help you with other undertakings in future.

To drink anise vodka, it means that you will be successful. If you drink some other alcohol drink in a dream, you can check its meaning on this site.