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Annotation - Meaning of Dream

If you receive an annotation in your dream, it means that your private relationship will lose erstwhile charm. This will be the reason of disorder in relations and break up. Your romantic talks will change into boring dialogues.

Dream, in which an annotation is written in an unknown language for you means that in reality things will get confusing and will develop incomprehensibly.

If you put your annotation into envelope, it means that in real life you will soon have a happy period.

Hiding own annotation in a dream foretells some events that will scare you and cause you worries. Of great importance is the fact, whether you read an annotation aloud or to yourself.

So if you hear your voice, the meaning of this symbol increases. For example, it may be incredible and significant changes in your destiny.

If you buy something with an annotation in the store, it foretells an attack on you and your belongings. If an action takes place in the market and you bargain with a seller, such a dream means that you will lose a lot after purchasing something.

There is no directly meaning to annotation in a dream, therefore you should interpret it in connection with other things which you see in a dream.

Dreaming of an annotation while reading it portends a change in business.

If you present your annotation to someone, you will have losses in reality. If you gave it to a friend, this loss will be associated with him/her.

If you tear apart or burn your annotation, it is a symbol of the end of anxiety, and success in business.

If you get a burn while trying to put out the fire, it means that you will have controversy in personal relationships. If your annotation ignites spontaneously, it portends the incredible news that will remain in your memory for a long time.