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Anomaly - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see some anomaly events, it means that your body will soon give up. You need to pay closer attention to your health. Somebody will surprise you with his/her behavior.

It should be noted that anomaly can be terrible and wonderful. For example, if you dream that you see a strange looking sky with different images and multi-colored highlights, it means that in reality you will fall in love and experience many wonderful moments in personal relationships. This interpretation is combined from analysis of several parts of a dream: at the top, the sky, the color, the unusual, the feelings.

If you dream of a woman with unearthly beauty, smiling, leading you by the hand into her marvelous castle, it means a big upcoming change in your life. It will be unusual but favorable changes.

Dreaming of anomaly, means getting a sign about unexpected upcoming events. Do not be worried if your dream is very unusual and unique. These dreams usually have positive meanings.

All these feelings usually penetrate deeply into the soul of a dreamer and the dream stays in the memory for a long time.

The thing that surprised you in a dream is a very important sign. It is a prediction of upcoming events. Therefore it is very important to consider a dream in every detail.

The image of a woman can symbolize the fate of a dreamer as well as his guardian angel. These dreams are an omen of positive fundamental changes in a person's life that are associated with his personal relationships.

You should take into account not only the fact of anomaly, but also the surrounding atmosphere, the presence of smells and sounds, lights, feelings, conversation and so on. For example, funny gnome in a dream can greatly surprise not only by its appearance, but also by what he is talking about.

It is especially important to remember a dream, in which you suddenly hear an unusual animal with human eyes talking to you. All predictions from such animals are literally fulfilled in real life.