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Ant - Meaning of Dream


Seeing an ant/ants in a dream is an ambiguous sign which mostly refers to your business success and happiness in family life.

As we know, ants are hard-working insects. Relying on their main feature you can come to conclusion that seeing ants in a dream is also connected with work. You are right. A dream in which you see ants describes your position in society, your working potential and success. You are hard-working and diligent; you’ve never spent money like a drunken sailor on shore leave because you know like nobody else how it is hard to earn them. It shows that you are responsible and care about your future.

Seeing one ant in your dream means that you’ll find a business partner very soon. Together you’ll reach new heights of success. Financial hardship will be unknown to you and your family. You must remember one thing though. Your collaboration will never ever be successful if you don’t find common understanding and support.

If you’re seeing a lot of ants in your dream, it foretokens a hard work but you’ll be paid good money for your efforts. Maybe, it is time for you to gain valuable experience to get ready to start your own business.

Ants in our dreams are also a sign of a significant purchase. You’ve been working hard and now you have enough funds to obtain what you’ve always dreamt about. It is a result of your pains. Good for you!

For a person in love such a dream forebodes starting a family (a marriage and birth of a child/children). For a single person it betokens meeting with a reasonable, circumspect and attentive person who will be interested in him/her very much.

Such a sign also tells that you can be not afraid of catching a disease because of your strong immunity. However, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about caution. Do your best to maintain your immunity on such a level.

A dream in which you’re seeing ants can have at least one more interpretation. It presages that you may move to a megalopolis in the nearest future.

Ruining an ant hill in your dream stands for a series of misfortunes. It can concern both your private and business life. That’s why keep a weather eye open to be ready to rebuke a bad luck and evil-wishers.

An ant’s sting foreshadows groundless irritation. You pay too much attention to trifles and worry about them. To be so nervous is dangerous for your health. With such an attitude you won’t be successful at work and your family life will be unhappy too. Sometimes to let things run themselves is the best decision.

Seeing that you’re tromping an ant/ants in your dream means that you can ruin your happiness with your own hands. Don’t make hasty decisions not to make a mistake about which you’ll probably regret in the future.

If ants are creeping along you, it refers to incredible family happiness very soon.

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