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Antarctica - Meaning of Dream

If you visit Antarctica in your dream and you see penguins, it means that you follow fashion trends too much and you lose your directness. It is not necessary to blindly believe other people’s opinion, and forget about own principles.

If you plan to go to Antarctica and then you change your mind, such a dream means that you are bored of communication with people around you. It is better to change your surroundings; otherwise you will not develop mentally and intellectually.

To be an organizer of an expedition in Antarctica, which is a subject for news in media, means that you want your hobby be profitable. It is possible if you create something, or help other people to sell stuff. In any other cases, it will not be a good idea.

If your beloved one is going to Antarctica, it means that your relations may suffer, because you demand too much from your partner. Try to give him/her more of freedom and possibility of self realization, and you will notice a new development of your love relations.

Some times Antarctic dream is a harbinger of bad luck in business. This dream warns you that you do not need to strive for more. Do your best to take advantage of what you have underfoot, and you will earn significant money by not wasting time on the illusory projects.