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Antelope - Meaning of Dream


If you see this gorgeous animal in your dream, it is an omen of beautiful and noble deeds. It means that soon your life will be filled with events. Your plans will be realized only if you work hard.

If a young woman dreams of a stumbled animal, which falls down, it means that her love will be unhappy. She should better think whether it is a good idea to continue communication, and to give love, without receiving anything in return.

To dream of a wild antelope in open lawn or even a herd of antelopes, it is a presage of unexpected increase in income, and receipt of unplanned profit.

If you see antelope in a zoo, it is a sign of disappointment. Antelope in a zoo is a symbol of the illusory hopes and futility of desires.

Seeing antelopes in a dream, according to Miller, means that you will not be able to realize your plans, and you will only waste energy.

Antelope, a symbol of elusive dreams, the achievement of goals is much further than you expected.

If an antelope runs through the mountains, it means that your dreams will not come true.

If you see antelope running on the green lawn and you can catch it, the dream means that you will fulfill your dreams and plans.

One or many wild antelopes in the dream is a sign of unexpected increase in income.

If you see a dead antelope, it heralds complete frustration and a sign of love suffering. Shot dead antelope, means that someone will bother you a lot.

Antelope, in the dream indicates that your plans are difficult to fulfill, and only if you attach a lot of efforts you will be able to get some results and be successful.

If you see a herd of running antelopes, it means that your daydreaming can play a cruel joke with you and lead you to the wrong path. Be prudent, and estimate the reality reasonably. This dream hints to your increased ambitions.

If in the process of hunting you shot an antelope, most likely your lover does not deserve your struggling and suffering.

Very favorable is a dream in which the dreamer, he sees himself/herself in the image of a horned antelope. This dream promises a huge success in life, prosperity, business or starting a new business, love and harmony in the family, good relations with friends.

If you feed antelope with big horns, it means that you have a secret admirer who is experiencing deep feelings towards you and he will soon make an attempt to get closer to you: romantic date, expensive gift, favors, compliments and joint pastime.

If you see on antelope attacking another one, it is a warning that there is a risk to be the culprit of someone’s family conflict, do not take part in the debate and be on any side of spouses fight.

If you kill or cut antelope, it means changes for the better, perhaps moneymaking deal or promising work.

Some downers interpret antelope with horns, as a sign of happiness in personal life, intelligent and grateful children, who honor their parents and try to help them; achievement of the desired goal, good luck in all your endeavors, a gift of fate.

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