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Antenna - Meaning of Dream

Due to a modern dream book antenna portends committing of wrong acts. This dream is a warning against the fatal error that would entail serious life complications.

Antenna in a dream book by Miller has more interpretations. A dream in which you see the antenna predicts hearing from friends or relatives who are far away from you.

Spoilt antenna warns of bad news. Sometimes, such a dream is a sign of uncertainty in relationships with loved ones. If you connect the antenna to a receiver it is a good dream. It predicts the successful conduct of commerce.

If you ground antenna in a dream, it means that your problems will successfully be solved by the intervention of influential people. If you dream you are set the antenna, in reality you will get all the necessary information about the person who makes you doubt.

If you dream that you turn the antenna to get a signal, in real life you need to make a final choice in some important matter.

Antenna in Vanga dream book is interpreted as a unique gift for a dreamer. If you dream that you buy antenna, it means that your time has come and you will be able to show your talents. High level of your giftedness can bring you great fame. A dream in which the antenna is broken, warns against actions that can hurt you. There is a threat of losing wonderful gift that you have. To avoid this, ponder all your deeds and actions.

If you adjust radio antenna, it means that soon your business will be very successful.

If you climb the roof of your house and see a lot of antennas, it means that you need to think over your actions, there is a serious risk of danger.

If you see a satellite antenna – it is a sign of your unconscious desire to gain more.