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Anthill - Meaning of Dream

If you see a stranger destroying an ant-hill in a dream, it bodes that you will go through a family tragedy that will happen with a loved one in reality. Most likely, your friend’s or relative’s marriage will break up, which will affect many people; you might even have to go to court and testify.

If you observe ants working hard close to their structure, it forebodes that you will be able to succeed in your chosen business. But only forgetting about your laziness and getting down to business you will succeed.

If you see a child destroying an anthill, it tells that you should be careful with your comments and words, you can deeply hurt the feelings of your loved ones. It is better not to speak rude, so not to apologize for your indiscretion.

Anthill is a harbinger of the hard work. This symbol may mean the end of family life and nothing can save it. If you dream of anthill with many working insects, it bodes that in reality you have to finish a lot of affairs. It will take a lot of time, so you should ask someone for assistance. If you can to do everything in a short time, the results will please you.

If you have accidentally stepped on an anthill, you will have to go through anxious moments, perhaps involving children. Therefore, you should find out if they needed help, then the concern will be much less. If many insects died because of the damage, it tells that your worries won’t be groundless and will last for a long time. But if the ants were not hurt, then everything will be fine very soon, so do not worry, but rather think about how to spend the weekend.

If the ants were creeping on your legs, this is a bad omen of anxiety. If you were lying on an anthill, it indicates that you take care of yourself.

Female dream book treats a destroyed anthill as a signal of war. For a business man this dream promises a lot of work, however a dreamer has to find time for rest in the busy schedule, otherwise a person may get sick.

If you just observe an anthill, it portends the successful completion of cases and getting good income, which can be invested profitably. If you see that someone pours acid to get rid of insects, in reality you have to be ready for enemies’ meanness. Moreover, it will be difficult to get rid of the shame that they will cause; therefore, you should take measures and prevent troubles.