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Anthracite/Hard-Coal - Meaning of Dream

To see anthracite burning in the oven means that you will solve all your household problems.

In general anthracite in a dream warns you about prostration. To load off anthracite, means that your enemies will remind about themselves.

If you mine anthracite in a dream, it means that your respiratory organs will suffer.

Anthracite is a symbol that you lack of warmth and affection, a sign of impending problems and even diseases. Vanga said that this sign has many meanings, and its interpretation should only be done after recalling all details. For example, she said that if you dream of a pile of anthracite, it means that in the near future you will have difficult times. This will be the time of loneliness and feeling of uselessness. The only sound advice in this situation is to communicate with people, it can pull you out of such deep depression.

In addition to the above mentioned, there is another meaning of a dream about anthracite. If in a dream you start the fire in furnace with the help of anthracite, it is an obvious sign that you need warmth and affection in relationships, which at this stage is not enough. You should demonstrate more of patience, because in order to achieve the desired, it is not enough just to want it. It is necessary to explain your loved one what is exactly missing in the relationship, and what you want from it. Expressing maximum patience and respect to the person, after a certain period of time you will notice that provided care, tenderness and warmth is not demonstrated because of necessity, but made ​​mechanically turning into a habit.

Also, if the dream of anthracite of such large amount that you hardly see the light in your dream, it foretells impending illness. It will surrounds and suppresses s dreamer. It is necessary to consult a doctor to make a survey of the body in time to identify the disease and begin to its treatment.