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Anxiety - Meaning of Dream

Unexplained anxiety that you feel in a dream, can be considered as a true prediction of successful flow of all affairs. Anxiety with a reason foretells unnecessary waste of money. After this dream you should pay careful attention to all financial transactions.

If you dream of a situation in which your health, behavior and events of your life have caused someone’s anxiety, it means that in reality the execution of your intentions and plans may be prevented by adverse circumstances. This dream is sometimes interpreted as a warning that in the near future you will experience worsen relations with other people.

If you have a feeling of anxiety or excitement, in a general sense according to Miller’s dream book, it is an auspicious omen. Typically, such a dream is seen after a difficult period in life with a decrease in vitality. But after you dreamed of anxiety, you can be sure that your energy potential will gradually reach the normal state or even exceed the usual level. Perhaps this process will be accompanied by a true spiritual renewal. In this case, a feeling of anxiety in a dream would be a prediction that you are heading in the right direction. In order to achieve the desired success, you have to make just a few steps.

At the same time, anxiety in a dream due to some specific problems and issues that exist in reality, promises some serious problems that can appear from elsewhere.

As a conclusion there are a few statements which will help you to interpret your dream.

If in a dream you have a feeling of anxiety – in real life you abuse the trust of others.

If you were the reason of somebody’s anxiety, this dream warns you about sad events in your life.