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Apocalypse - Meaning of Dream

Explanation of a dream about apocalypse depends primarily on the spiritual values, religion, as well as the individual preferences of each individual. First of all, such a dream may be not a harbinger of misfortune, but a consequence of events that have occurred in dreamer’s life. For example, a death of a close relative or friend, divorce, movie about a disaster seen recently - all these aspects leave a deep mark on the mental state and can result in a horror dream.

However, if nothing could provoke such a dream, usually it means that a dreamer is highly sensitive to world events and shows concern about the fate of humanity.

If during such a dream you are alone or surrounded by completely unfamiliar people, it means that in real life you are pretty lonely as well. This dream hints you to change your life a little and try to be more sociable, make new friends, and pay attention to the family. In this situation, subconsciously you feel inferiority of your life.

Often, a dream about apocalypse is perceived literally. After such a dream you expect for global troubles, frustration and problems in career and personal life. But you should not take it so seriously.

Dream about apocalypse is a sign of change, not necessarily change for the worse.

Sometimes, apocalypse can really become a harbinger of global change, both in private life and in career. In this case, other details of a dream are important together with the overall mood.

If you were able to withstand the natural disaster, it means that you have enough power to overcome all obstacles and achieve the desired. If such a dream had left a negative impression, it doesn’t mean that everything will have negative results in life. Most likely such a dream is a certain indication that it is time to take action, no need to sit back and wait until the situation becomes favorable.

Knowing the interpretation of apocalypse, you can analyze all your fears and learn to ignore them. Therefore, we should not be afraid of a doomsday seen in a dream. On the contrary, you should pay a close heed to the warning, sent from above, and try to change your life, and the constant fear of catastrophe will disappear forever and will not provoke any more disturbing dreams.

Apocalypse it is a protective mechanism, to which our subconscious mind appeals, in order to avoid strong mental trauma. Such dreams are the symbol of the world destruction. It appears in certain period of dreamers life, when he/she thinks that all world stands against him/her. And only the union with something more powerful will show the way to success in fight with worldly troubles.