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Apostle - Meaning of Dream

Every apostle performs his own task, and it is good if you understand which of the apostles you have seen. You may have dreams with St. Andrew or Michael the Archangel or even Gabriel if you are a Muslim. If you see these apostles over the head of one of your friends or dear people, it is a harbinger that this person will soon go aloft.

If you see an apostle behind the back of a stranger, it means that very soon you will get the news about the death of a high-ranking, noble, well-known person.

If you dream of apostle who calls you to heaven, this dream warns about a serious disease that can affect you very soon.

If you didn’t see any pictures of apostle, or read about the life and deeds of the apostles recently, then check the meaning of your dream carefully. Apostles are seen in dreams rarely and certainly if you had such a dream, be ready for major changes in life.

Dreaming of the apostle is almost the same as seeing an angel, only the apostles often are men and not women. Usually, when the apostle speaks to you in a dream, it is a spiritual message for you and deserves close attention.

If in real life you are angry and dissatisfied with your work, after seeing such a dream you should start your work all over again with a prayer. If you are a positive person in real life, you will find peace and joy after such a dream, or will support those who are in grief. In any case, changes in the life of a dreamer may occur directly or after lifelong learning. Thus, you should not worry excessively, because dreaming of apostle is a good sign.

If an apostle blesses you, it means that you need a support from people around, in order to rearrange important relations.