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Appetite - Meaning of Dream

If you dream you you have a big appetite, you demonstrate a great hunger, and you literally jump over food like a hungry beast, it means that you are worried a lot about lack of intimate relations in reality. Also such a dream may indicate that a dreamer is too aggressive, and this fact can ruin his life. He should be more restrained; otherwise he will be left alone, because no woman will be able to live with him.

If you dream that your girlfriend eats a cake with big appetite, it means that in real life she wants to have intimate relations with you.

If in a dream you suffer from a lack of appetite, it means that in reality you will get depressed because your financial situation will deteriorate significantly.

If a woman dreams that her husband constantly refuses to eat because he is not hungry, it means that she does not attract him as a sexual object. Also, the dream may indicate that a spouse has a lover.

Appetite is an ambiguous symbol because its interpretation depends on the other elements of a dream. Dream about appetite indicates health problems, so it is necessary to visit a doctor and get tested, most likely the result will show that you suffer from obesity. You will need to start the treatment immediately, as the disease is subsequently difficult to treat. Also, this symbol may indicate that you have problems with stomach.

If you eat food with appetite, it also means that you will live in prosperity gained by your hard work and perseverance. Often this symbol foretells separation from a loved one, whom a dreamer will not see for a long time.

Thus, in order to understand what appetite means in a dream, you should remember the level of your hunger. If it was great, in real life you will miss your former life of a bachelor. If you don’t eat anything in a dream, because you feel pain in your stomach, it is a harbinger of misfortune that will happen to you. If you feel like something makes your mouth water, it means that someone is missing you.

If you eat with big appetite at the party, in reality you will have a pleasant acquaintance, which will grow into a strong friendship.

The absence of appetite in a dream means that all your acquaintances will be second-rated and you will be indifferent to new people.

If you don’t like the appetite of your friend, it means that new people in your surrounding will cause you problems, therefore don’t be too sincere with them.

In the dream you see somebody eating without appetite, it means that your folks will do everything to remove troubles from your life.

Your child doesn’t have appetite in a dream, it is a reflection of your worry about child’s education, if he/she is not able to show worthy progress.